Thursday, 6 October 2016

Absolutely More CSS - Relative to Week 2

Right, it's late again. Later than the last time. I need to start writing earlier! Another college week gone by and so much more experimentation with CSS. Over the past week, we had to create a website about DIT regarding the Computer Science modules we are studying. I realized creating a lot of content is quite tough and it's always better to do research first. Very important! But it was quite an interesting project.

The second part was to create a website about the history of the internet. I decided to take a chance and do a one page, hover story. So I created 5 divs, each for the 5 stages I was going to describe about the history of the internet. My idea was to create the 5 divs, split them each into two parts (a header and a section) and position the section of each absolutely, relative to the surrounding div (which was positioned relatively). Then I aligned the contents above each other, but only showed the contents of the div when the relative year was hovered based on the header div.

And it worked a treat! Each year that is hovered showed a different image and unique content based on that year. I will definitely be pushing the limits of absolute positioning over the coming months! Researching the Internet was also very interesting.

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